Lighting For Outdoor Spaces

When most people think about outside lighting, it is usually an afterthought. We know that areas need light, but since they are used so much less than indoor lights, we tend to forget why we should still put in the effort to make them more useful and more efficient.

Here are three areas where using LED lighting outdoors should be a priority, for both residential and commercial uses:


The main reason to light the exterior of a building is to deter unwelcomed visitors. Thieves, vandals, and animals can literally hide in the shadows undetected and then cause significant damage to your property. Using LED lights instead of traditional ones allows you to:

  • Cover much more area of your property due to the brightness of LED lights, while using a fraction of the energy.
  • Avoid having to constantly check that they are actually on—LED lights last years, up to 100,000 hours, so they will not go out when you least expect it. Also, when it is time for them to be replaced, they dim instead of going out completely, so there is never a time when the area is completely vulnerable.
  • Rest easy that they will work when you really need them—LED lights are shatterproof so extreme climate or rocks, etc, will not be a concern.


Whether you’re doing something outside your home at night that you do every day, or something rare at work for the first time, it is important to see what you are doing. Commercial areas can have dangers that are not seen in poor lighting, which could result in lawsuits if people injure themselves. At home, especially where anyone drives (like a back lane), it is important to light up the area to avoid children, animals, or items in the way that you don’t expect to be there. LEDs give you better vision to prevent the unthinkable from happening.


Fun with lighting isn’t just for Christmas (although there are plenty of great LED options for efficient holiday lighting!). You can use brighter outdoor LED lighting to show off your home, make it look more inviting, and help the kids and your company play a little longer and socialize more comfortably. For your business, make sure that your storefront or window display attracts attention even when you are not open to keep you top of mind for when it’s time for the customer to buy.

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