Lighting For Offices

Which would you prefer to walk into: an office with bright and fresh lights that open up your eyes, or one with some lights burned out, flickering, or missing, making it tough to concentrate on anything else? Let’s go beyond the obvious and compare the effects of traditional office lighting to updated LED lighting:

Traditional Lighting

  • Strained eyes and squinting after long hours – results in less concentration, increased migraines, neck and shoulder pain, and consequently missed work days.
  • Lower motivation, less movement and interaction with coworkers, and poorer mood and well being. Can cause employees to seek work elsewhere.
  • Complaints that lights need to be replaced, and disruptions in work when they finally do.


LED lighting

  • Increased focus from brightness of work area, higher quality work, and reported instances of employees staying longer than required without incentive.
  • More light is linked to better mood and more upbeat workers, which raises their commitment to coworkers and managers, as well as loyalty to their company.
  • LEDs last for years without needing replacement, so lighting levels remain constant without any need to interfere with productivity to replace them.
  • Recent studies show that LED lighting enhances visual cognizance by 8.3%, which lessens exhaustion and builds action.


The culture and bottom line of a business are both affected. Management enjoys the long term cost savings of reducing their light energy used by up to 70%, and employees enjoy the feeling of working for a good corporate citizen who is decreasing their overall carbon footprint.

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