Green Is Better, Inc. offers turn-key LED lighting installation and retrofit projects that lower energy costs while improving lighting quality.

Welcome to Green Is Better, we are a LED lighting and retrofitting company. We specialize in customized lighting solutions that are designed to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and protect our environment.

We offer LED lighting solutions for both residential and commercial.

We offer onsite energy audits at no charge and can help you determine what your needs are as well as help implement the findings. We survey, inspect, and analyze the energy flow of your property. This helps us ensure that your property has the optimal level of energy usage.

Our clients are asking us to help them save on energy costs. Replacing fluorescent, HID, or other lights with LEDs is in high demand.

LED retrofits can save 40% or more energy when compared with traditional light sources such as incandescent, halogen, and high intensity discharge (HID).

Whether you have a new building you are adding lighting to or are working on reducing your overall energy expenses, we are here to help.