Lighting For Medical Services

As the population expands and ages, the demand for medical services grows at an alarming rate. American Healthcare strives to provide better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for its patients. While the management of patients gets better, so should the management of the facilities to make medical services more affordable and of higher quality for everyone involved.

Hospitals in the US spend double the energy per square foot to light them adequately than normal buildings. This fact suggests that they would benefit the most from switching their lighting system to consist solely of LEDs. Aside from the huge energy savings, though, here are other benefits to changing the lights to LEDs in a medical service:

  • LED lights last a minimum of 5 years (between 50,000 – 100,000 hours), even when operating every hour of every day.
  • When LEDs finally do need replacing, they dim instead of going out completely, which allows for less urgent and more predictable replacement in a large, multi-floor facility.
  • LEDs imitate natural light far better than traditional lighting, which has been known to create poor rest-and-wake cycles of those with long term stays that cannot or do not spend much time outside. The result is that LEDs can accelerate a patient’s recuperation.
  • Traditional lights have a blend of mercury and different unsafe gases that LEDs do not, which, if broken, can enter the lungs of those who are most susceptible to harm from these gases.
  • Fluorescent lighting transmits ultraviolet radiation that negatively influences our skin and eyes.
  • The brighter, more consistent level of LED lighting allows for better reading of X-rays and diagnoses that are made with the naked eye.
  • LED lighting reduces fatigue in doctors, nurses, and support staff of a medical facility. Fatigue can lead to poor moods and low energy and be transferred indirectly to those in care.


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