Lighting For Parking Areas

Parking should be simple, but often it is not. The main reason is not being able to see what you need to because you are not used to the parking area, driving space is very tight, and others are facing the same concerns at the same time. This can be true for both indoor and outdoor areas, and the issues are much worse if the lighting is less than ideal.

LEDs last for years and use a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting. However, beyond the energy savings, there are other reasons why switching to LEDs will improve the use of the structure and save you money:

  • They increase the efficiency of the parking structure by allowing users to see signs, stall numbers, posts and instructions more easily.
  • Brighter lights help users find spaces easier (and their car when they return) to avoid aimless driving (or walking) and potential collisions from not watching where they are going.
  • Better lighting is a theft and vandalism deterrent. It gives users more confidence that their belongings are secure, and they will become repeat customers.
  • LEDs fix problems that traditional lighting cannot. Putting in more or brighter traditional lights creates more glare and shadows, which hamper visibility further. LEDs produce a uniform and consistent brightness with no glare.
  • You do not need to install new fixtures to benefit from LEDs. Choose the right level of light and use the LED bulbs in your existing fixtures.
  • The shatterproof covers of LEDs will allow them to be used in even the toughest climate and are less likely to be intentionally broken.


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