At Green Is Better, we pride ourselves in delivering a green solution for you that exceeds your expectations. Here is what we offer:

Free lighting review of your home or business

In order to understand the true benefits of using LEDs and the value of making a change, you need to look at the big picture. Our free consultation shows what you stand to gain in energy efficiency over the long term with LEDs and then gives you options to achieve those gains within your budget. You will find that we offer solutions that:

  • Are eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Zero UV emission
  • Have flexible designs
  • Are of the highest quality
  • Take on low voltage
  • Can be done for you without disruption to your business or home life.


LED Retrofitting

We can provide your home or business with a better lighting system that offers the latest technology. A lighting plan is established based on your budget and requirements to reap the rewards of the low energy used by LEDs over time. We show you how the project will pay for itself over its lifespan and beyond, and we can implement the plan for you without causing any down time. We also search for any incentives or rebates that may be offered to you to maximize the value of your project.

LED Sales

In order to get the best results, we use the best LEDs. We handle sales and distribution of all our products, which include:

  • LED streetlights
  • LED wall packs
  • LED floodlights
  • LED T-8 tubes
  • LED high/low bays of all wattages


We are involved in all steps from manufacturing to delivery and installation to ensure the highest quality solution that works for you. Contact our LED lighting specialists now to plan a free energy review session!