Lighting For Government Uses

Green Is Better is a leading LED Lighting distributor and manufacturer of LED Lighting solutions. We work closely with governments on all levels to ensure that any LED lighting projects get completed efficiently and on time. Each item that we carry has a National Stock Number (NSN) to assist you with your NSN component sourcing and purchasing process.

Whether you are a local or national government, we can help you improve the quality of life of your citizens by increasing safety while decreasing vandalism and loitering. This goes beyond the energy savings from switching your traditional lighting to LEDs. We have the LED lights that you need for all areas, including:

  • Street lights
  • Flood lights for parks and public places
  • Office interior lights for all government buildings
  • Motion lights for outdoor buildings and equipment storage facilities
  • Lighting for all sports facilities
  • Utility lighting options


We also can help you develop or carry out your efforts to offer incentives and rebates for any family or business that agrees to switch from traditional lighting to low energy LEDs.

Together we can make the world a greener place and do our part for the benefit of all. Contact our lighting specialists now to plan a free energy review session!