LED – A19 – 11 Watt – 75W Incandescent Equal

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1200 Lumens – 4100 Kelvin Cool White – Omni-Directional – TCP


LED – A19 – 11 Watt – 75W Incandescent Equal

Suitable for use in damp locations, the TCP L11A19N1541K LED A19 bulbs is ideal for use in pull chain light sockets in a small shed, indoor or covered outdoor ceiling fans, and bathroom vanity fixtures. Using only 11 Watts, this LED A19 bulb gives an instant-on performance every time it is turned on and conveniently replaces its 75-Watt incandescent counterpart.

  • Bright 4100 Kelvin cool white illumination helps you to focus in areas where subjects need to be seen clearly
  • Does not emit UV or IR radiation making this bulb ideal for applications such as sensitive art displays
  • Life spans approximately 7 times longer than traditional incandescents
  • Ideal for use in both residential and commercial areas
  • Rated for enclosed fixtures


Additional information

Color Temperature (Kelvin)

2700, 3000, 3500, 4000

Save Money. Be Comfortable. Go Green.

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