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Welcome to Green Is Better, we are a committed LED lighting company, and we specialize in a customized lighting solution. With our lighting solutions, you will be able to switch to a more energy efficient system, that is environmental friendly.

Our LED lighting solutions are provided in both domestic and commercial sectors.

The LED lighting solution provided by us offers excellent energy efficiency, and is a cost effective solution. Along with this we offer an onsite energy audit, which is a thorough analysis. In this audit we will survey, inspect, and analyze the energy flow of your property. This will help us ensure that your property is being offered the correct level of energy, and the level of energy input will not affect the output use.



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Along with these, we at Green Is Better are offering you with three main reasons why our LED lighting solutions are better than other traditional lighting solutions.

Energy Saving - our LED lights are designed to be energy saving, and offers a sustainable lighting experience. These LED lights will help you save up to 90% more energy, compared to any other lighting solution. And that too in the same light output, which ensures that we are offering a superior product. When you request for our service, you start saving money. For each room LED lights you get replaced, you will be able to see the drastic change. And the main change you will see is when you receive your energy bill.

Life-time - we are offering you with an LED lighting solution, which means you will not have to worry about changing bulbs; or will have to spend extra money. This will help you save in the long run, and will reduce the extra money you were spending on buying traditional light bulbs and ballasts. The lifetime of our LED lights is approximately 50 times more than any ordinary light. As an ordinary light bulb will only be able to offer you with 1000 hours of light. Which means our LED lights will be able to offer you approximately 50 times more.

Effective - with the help of our lighting solution you will be able to change the entire ambiance and atmosphere of the room. As LED lights are known to boost productivity and more efficient workings. We are offering you a solution with our LED lighting, that will make the space feel more inviting, and offer a lighter environment.

Wattages and Lumens - are an important concept when it comes to understanding the energy source a light uses. In simple words, our LED lights use far less wattages, to offer you the same light lumens will offer you. For instance, our LED bulbs use about 2.5 wattages, to product a light that offer 115 lumen, while a normal bulb will offer 15 watts, and consume 6 times more energy; to produce 115 lumen.

These are the three basic changes we are offering at Green Is Better, and we wish to achieve so much more with our lighting solutions.

Kelvin Chart

The kelvin temperature color rating scale ranges from a warmer 2700k up to 4100k known as cool white and 5100k known as daylight. When purchasing a light bulb you can view the specifications to see what the color temp is.

There is no set rule on which color is better. It depends on the ambiance, location and purpose of the light as well of the personality of the individual(s) using the space.

As a general rule outdoor spaces do better with cooler colors closer to what is known as 5100k daylight and indoor spaces seem cozier with warmer or yellower tones in the 2700k range.

More modern or art deco spaces with pastel colors seem to wash better with daylight colors as compared to more traditional spaces with deep reds and blues that pop nicer with warmer colored light bulbs.

Many people prefer daylight or cool white LEDs for task or commercial spaces such as offices, garages, undercabinet lighting applications because the light does seem crisper. Most home owners, hotel lobbies and retail stores will opt for the more intimate and personal warm colors. A nice middle ground that has become extremely popular with architects in new construction is the middle ground 3500k.